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Great Response!

I am thrilled by the attention this website is already receiving. So many compliments were emailed to me on this, the very first day!!! To think, a 15-year-old Loftin designed it . . .

As everyone knows, it's lovely to have grandchildren. For certain, Jamey and I adore ours.

*Emmett, our 12-year-old, told me his brother had worked for hours and hours on the site. Loftin, of course, said it was "no trouble at all." Sweet boys, both of them.

Gifted in his own right, Emmett might want the reader to know he's just made the Concord Elite soccer team. I should also give a "shout out" to Emmett for frequently inviting me to his school to speak to his classes about my books.

So, I sold several books to friends today. As I pen this blog, I wonder if anyone is reading "My Nun and Her Husband"? If so, are they enjoying my work? Perhaps, I'll go watch TV to send my whirling mind elsewhere!

I don't yet know how to get responses to my blogs, so should you want to contact me, please go to my email:

Thank you, Milam

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