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So much fun!

My friends, Caroline Monte, Barbara Furbish, and Claire Balfour recently honored me and "My Nun and Her Husband" with the loveliest, most delicious party. I remain so grateful for their enthusiasm and hard work. Thank you, my dears!

Then, just yesterday, my old friend, Margaret Mittiga, and her Book Review ladies hosted another delightful event at the Valdosta Country Club. The audience was beyond wonderful!!! I do like to make people laugh.

That makes two successes in a row for me. We authors just love it when folks want to hear about our books!!! Having sold a bunch of my titles, not just my new nun's story, I'm very encouraged this morning.

Tomorrow, I'm off with Jackie White to Columbus to participate in a panel discussion (Doug Dahlgren) with our dear author friends, Jackie Cooper and Dale Cramer. We cannot wait to see our guys.

Life for us writers is good, very GOOD, especially when we get to be with those we enjoy! Milam

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