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My books are available on Amazon!

Slowly but surely, my ten titles have all made it to Amazon, thanks to Mercer University Press, to BelleBooks, and to FuzionPrint. For me, writing books has been a walk in the park compared to trying to deal with ever changing hi-tech issues. . . thank you again, Loftin Propst, for your expertise!

My friends and family, especially my oddly patient husband, Jamey, have watched me redo our home countless times. *Painting walls and moving furniture is something I do when I SHOULD be writing. It's therapy.

Now I've hit a brand new low, because I've just had the covers of "Ociee and Ben Nash, the Asheville Adventure" and "Ociee Nash, the Finale" REDONE! The talented Ann Aubitz of FuzionPrint designed them. Finale's cover features a Mississippi riverboat, while the older story has a wonderful old train, which is similar to the one in the Ociee film. Perfection! I could not be more excited. Thank you, Ann.

Please check out Ociee's "new clothes."

I've also restocked our guest room closet with books, most importantly, with the five more recent titles: the aforementioned Ociees, "Creola's Moonbeam," "Writer, Writer," "Sidetracked," and "My Nun and Her Husband."

Soooooooo, I'm happy to mail and/or even deliver books (autographed, if you like) to readers.

Still not quite sure of how to get comments on this blog, I ask you to please write to me via email:

Many thanks for your interest, Milam

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