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Okay, so we lost!

Last night, Jackie White and I were up for an award for our book, "Sidetracked." Of course, I believed we would win, hands down.

Jackie disagreed announcing, "Not a chance!"

As always, my co-author was correct. Admittedly, our competition was stellar.

But the evening was great fun anyway. All the Mercer University Press folks sat together chatting and making merry as the winners picked up their prizes.

Jackie and I drowned our sorrows with two desserts.

Also Jackie had a nice surprise for us. She distributed copies of "Georgia Backroads," a well written quarterly publication, which features intriguing places to visit throughout our state, along with stories about interesting Georgia people.

The magazines's editor asked Jackie to pen an article about Anjette Lyles, who was the subject of her very successful book, "Whisper to the Black Candle." Anjette, not your typical 1950's Macon housewife, murdered several of her family members. I recommend readers order the book from Mercer University Press, but, in the meantime, check out Jackie's marvelous piece in "Georgia Backroads."

So impressed am I with this magazine, I just ordered a new subscription.

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